Having A Successful Life Is Not Easy - But It Certainly Isn't Complicated...

"Do You Know What Is Holding You Back From Being As Successful As You Would Truly Like To Be?

Do You Know What You Need To DO To Actually Change Your Life From Where You Are Now?"

You may not think so, but I truly believe that you DO!

Why? It's because...

YOU already KNOW what you need to do.
YOU already HAVE the answers.
YOU already CAN BE the sort of person you really want to.

Except that you don't! You kid yourself that you are missing some 'secret' to a happy and successful life.

Well...I'll be honest with you.

"The ONLY Secret To Success Is That There Is NO Secret..."

From Gary Vurnum


Yep - you heard me right.

I've spent the last six years writing over 3,000 pages on personal development. I've spoken to countless millionaires and soon-to-be millionaires in many different disciplines.

(In fact I met an offline millionaire just yesterday who openly admitted that he had never 'worked' on his personal development in his life!)

And..you know what?

YOU could do what THESE successful people are doing!

Well...you COULD...but you DON'T.

Why? It's down to a number of different reasons.

On their own...they are not major things. But...together, they are literally holding you back from the life that you truly desire and deserve. How do I know this?

Why I Know How YOU Can Become Successful

I know this because a little over six years ago I was there.

Are YOU just going 'through the motions' like I was...

Working in an unfulfilling job.
On anti-depressants.
Perpetually 'unlucky'.
Reading lots of personal development books...yet nothing seems to be 'happening'.
Blaming my situation on everybody else.

Any of this sound familiar?

And...I had an excellent excuse not to 'bother' because I had the responsibility of sharing the care of my severely disabled special needs son, Connor.

Here's my favorite picture of Connor...

My son Connor, at his special needs school

At four years old, he couldn't sit, walk, make a sound, or eat. He needed to be fed through a tube in his stomach, suffered from severe epilepsy, asthma, and needed oxygen to be fed directly into his windpipe 24 hours a day just so that he didn't stop breathing.

Not only that, he caught the 'killer bug' MRSA in hospital, almost died from a mis-diagnosis of meningitis, and suffered from bronchitis, chickenpox, broken bones, pneumonia, and had to undergo six operations.

Life was what you would call...interesting!

Believe me...once you have had to resuscitate your child alone at home you certainly get an idea of what's REALLY important in life.

It would have been so easy to 'hide behind' my situation and just complain to everyone that I met.

Ever met people who just seem to do exactly that all day long?

Well...I found it hard myself not to go on about how 'unlucky' I was. You know what I mean, right?

But...then, because Connor's problems became more serious, I realized that, if I wanted to be there for him...I couldn't work in a proper job any more.

From that split second...my life changed forever.

I Know That YOU Can Become Successful - Because If I Could Find Out How - Then YOU Can, Too!

Now...less than three years later I...

'Work' at something I love
Choose the hours that I work
Am more fulfilled than I ever have been
Earn more money than I ever have done
Have the best relationship with my family that I have ever done
KNOW that I can achieve whatever I WANT to.

Unfortunately - we lost Connor in February 2003. At just over four-and-a-half, his body finally gave up its fight.

It broke our hearts.

And...to be honest, it would have been an easy option for me to go back to a 9-5 job...and moan about how terrible my life is...or why life has to be so cruel.

But...I don't.

I REFUSE to get sucked back into that 'old' life.

I have CHOSEN To Make Something Of My Life.

Have YOU?

Sure...it's a battle every day to remain positive...and to keep moving forward despite the things that get thrown in our paths.

But...it can be done.

I know...because I live by a set of rules that protect me against that old, stale, unrewarding, 'why am I here?' life that I used to have.

I live by what I call the TRUTHS ABOUT SUCCESS.

You see...I could never work out WHY I couldn't live the life I wanted. I used to sit on the two-hour train commute every day, and thinking that there should be more to life than THIS.

I bet you've probably been there many times too, right?

But this time, 'thanks' to the situation I was put in with my son - I HAD to make it work. God, that was a scary time, quitting my job without any real prospect of any income whatsoever.

But...as I sat down that first morning after I left my job (December 1st 2001) - for the first time in my life, I knew that it was 'now or never'. There was no going back...Connor's situation had seen to that.

I sat down and began to write.

I broke it all down as simply as I could. One word at the top of the page - then everything I knew about that topic...and what I should be doing about it that I hadn't.

It was frighteningly simple, yet effective.

In the end...I got it down to twenty-one 'topics'...or TRUTHS as I called them...

The Truth About Success...

#1 - Belief #8 - Labor #15 - Goals
#2 - Attitude #9 - Vision #16 - Momentum
#3 - Decision #10 - Opportunity #17 - Integrity
#4 - Action #11 - Focus #18 - Consistency
#5 - Commitment #12 - Asking #19 - Conditioning
#6 - Values #13 - Learning #20 - Energy
#7 - Motivation #14 - Gratitude #21 - Instinct

I wrote for three months solid. I wrote down everything that I KNEW - yet had never quite put into practice.

As I wrote it all down...it hit me. I questioned myself...

"What if you actually put all this stuff that you know into practice?"

After all...if I really knew more than I thought I did - wouldn't it then be possible that I could ACHEIVE more than I thought possible?

To be honest...I was surprised at how much I DID know from reading hundreds of personal development books over the years.

I Bet That YOU Already KNOW Enough To Make Your Life As Successful As You Wish It To Be.

In fact...I'm convinced that you do. Why? Because I didn't THINK that I did - but I proved myself wrong!

ou're looking at someone who read over 500 books on personal development between the ages of fifteen and thirty...and still had a miserable and unsuccessful life!

I'm no smarter than you. No more driven. No more eager to change my life than you are. Nor any more 'luckier' than you. I've had some absolutely awful things to deal with over the last few years.

Yet...I am deemed a 'success' by many people...and by my own standards (which is most important of all).

Ever dreamed of living YOUR life on YOUR terms - where each day is NEVER 'boring', miserable or a downright struggle?

Of course...I'm not perfect...far from it. But...I live the life that I WISHED that I could just a few years ago.

I do because I realized that I was missing the obvious.

"You Don't Need To Learn New Techniques In Order To Become A Success...

You Just Need To Apply What You Already Know...And Use That Knowledge To Change Your Life."

Simple really, when you think about it, isn't it?

Yet we all get so 'bogged down' with trying to learn 'new' stuff that we forget how much we already know!

I reckon that you've probably got a few books and tapes at home that you've read - but couldn't even begin to tell me specifically what you learned from them.

See what I mean?

It's not your fault. After all...it's not easy to remember to work on things when life has a habit of 'getting in the way'.

That's why I sat down and wrote that stuff...and broke it down into manageable 'pieces'. It so much easier to analyze yourself when you are really focusing on things that often get left behind.

As I began to actually APPLY what I'd written down...my life (and my outlook on life) began to literally change overnight.

No...I'm not going to tell you that I suddenly made 'x' amount of money...although I did make a few hundred grand more that year than the previous one!

Money's great...but it's pointless to have a big income if you're as miserable as hell. You can earn a fantastic salary yet STILL feel miserable, depressed, unhappy, unfulfilled, and unloved.

I know...I certainly was, until I began to apply what I had learned about myself from analyzing each TRUTH - I quite quickly became more happier, more focused, and much more happy with who I was.

Not only that - many of the major stresses of my life soon disappeared as I realized that perhaps I was doing better than I thought!

Remember...I hadn't learned anything new...I just applied what I ALREADY knew in a way that was simple and made complete sense.

This Flat-Out Worked For ME...And That's Why I Wanted To See How It Would Work For People Like YOU, Too!

As I began to see tremendous results for myself...I began to wonder if this method would work for other people.

So...based on my newly-found confidence and self-esteem...I offered to work with ten people to see if it would work for them as well as it had for me.

Those ten people paid me $597 for the opportunity to test-drive my method which I called "The Truth About Success Mentor Program" which ran over five weeks.

To say it was a resounding success was an understatement.

To give you some idea how powerful the results were...let me ask you these questions...

1. Have you ever signed up for a program or read a book...and never completed ALL of the questions or tasks?

- Every SINGLE student went through the entire program and answered every question - all 115 of them!

2. Have you ever wished that what you learn on a program can make you realize that what you THOUGHT that you wanted wasn't what was really right for you after all?

- Two of the ten students actually stopped working towards something that they had dreamed of doing for years because they realized that they didn't really want to do it as much as they thought they did.

3. Have you ever wondered if a program can make you mentally step up a gear so that you begin to ACT on a 'bigger stage'?

- One of the students is actually now one of my joint-venture partners on a project and is more than my equal in terms of vision about where we are going. Another student is now a successful speaker and entrepreneur in her own right - yet before she took this Program, she was earning less than $5k as a coach.

4. Have you ever wanted validation that you don't HAVE to conform to other peoples' expectations?

- Another student realized that her motivation was being seriously affected by the views of her family. Once she recognized that they were holding her back...she began to make huge strides forward.

5. Have you ever had trouble separating yourself from your job...working overtime and weekends in the pursuit of a career...yet feeling that something is missing?

- This student realized that all he had worked hard for over the last 20 years in terms of his career was in fact making him tired, miserable, and unhappy. Once he recognized why he felt the need to work so hard...he began to automatically focus on what was best for HIM...and not just the company he worked for.

6. Have you ever suffered from a lack of confidence and self-esteem...even though you KNOW that you are, in fact, very good at what you do?

- Despite being one of the top experts in his field, this student constantly negatively compared himself to the top earners in his industry and never believed that he could be their equal. He found the confidence to play on a much bigger stage...and began to believe that he could be seen as one of those experts.

7. Do you let what you've done in the past affect what you believe that you are capable of in the future?

- Another student was always told that she would never be good enough to succeed in the profession that she really wanted to pursue, because of her past 'failures'. It wasn't until she realized that this was holding her back that she finally made the first steps towards doing something that she really wanted to do.

Here's What One Of Those Students Said After Completing "The Truth About Success"...

"I've read a wealth of personal development books, attended seminars, listened to audio programs and participated in teleclasses but NOTHING compares to the impact of "The Truth About Success"!

During the program I learned so much about ME (as opposed to simply learning tools/techniques) and made many changes. I know, for the first time in my life, those changes are lasting.

I'm proud to have been a participant in your first (and possibly last!) mentor program and thank you for the most valuable experience of my life."
- Diane Johnston (Aberdeen, UK)

I wasn't surprised at the results.

After all...I was living, breathing proof that it worked. And now...those students proved that it worked for them, too.

But...I had a dilemma.

I knew the power of what I was 'teaching'...but I didn't want to just keep rolling out the program week after week...year after year.

Of course...there are many people who deliver the same program in that way...but, thanks to my new-found awareness of what motivated me, and the most valuable use of my time...I didn't want to have to 'turn up' every week...even if it did mean a nice income.

At the time, my ex-wife was shocked to say the least.
It's not very often that you hear of someone turning down the opportunity of earning a regular $5,970 from each group of ten students.

The Truth About Success teleseminar recordings and manuals sat on my computer hard-drive for the next year as I thought about whether I would ever do this program again.

Then Fate Stepped In...And That's Why YOU Are Here...

A few months later I got a phone call from a man I had never heard of. It turned out that he was on my ezine list loved what I wrote...and asked if I would like to speak at a conference he was putting on.

Of course...I jumped at the chance...and said 'Yes' straightaway - even though I had never spoken properly in public before!

Not only that...I couldn't think of a nice, straightforward, topic to talk about!

So, I took a break, and, as I usually do...I wandered over to my bookcase for inspiration.

For some strange reason...my eyes were drawn to the ONLY hardcopy of The Truth About Success course material that I had - right at the bottom of my bookcase.

Of course...why not deliver a presentation based on one of the Truths About Success! (You may remember from what you read above that there are 21 of them.)

It was like a flash of inspiration.

But I was a little stumped as to what to talk about...as I covered so much over the five-week program and manual.


I ended up doing a presentation based on one of the concepts in The Truth About Success called the "The 11 Rules For Goal Achievement"...and, if I don't mind saying so myself, it went down a storm!

Again...I wasn't surprised...but, when chatting over drinks in the bar that night...I realized that, just from what I was saying...I had changed someone else's life forever.

The man I was talking to told me that after he had heard me speak...he immediately phoned his wife and told her that he had realized what was REALLY important in their lives. He told her that she didn't need to continue to make herself ill trying to do the 'right thing' by other people instead of looking after herself.

I'll never forget the look in his eyes as he told me what happened.

It was then that I realized that The Truth About Success changed the people who came into contact with it.

I Rushed Home...And Decided Then And There That YOU Should Have The Same Opportunity To Change YOUR Life As Those People Had...

The result?

The Truth About Success Program...

Let's get serious here for a moment...

You will NOT learn how to 'get-rich-quick' (there is no such thing).
You will NOT learn about how to run a business.
You will NOT learn about how to make an income online.

And...perhaps more importantly...

You will NOT suddenly wake up tomorrow with your life transformed overnight! (After all...if it's taken you years to get to where you are now...it's certainly not going to take minutes to undo it all. Whoever tells you otherwise is a liar!)


You WILL learn the Truths About Success...the very same truths that I live by.
You WILL learn how you can apply what you learn about these Truths into YOUR current lifestyle.
You WILL learn how to use your new knowledge as a platform for finding out what you REALLY want to do with your life.
You WILL learn the ways that I managed to turn my life around in such a short period of time...and how YOU can learn from what I have done.

It's taken me months to go through the original program.

The lessons were originally delivered via email - so I've had to go through the entire program manual word-for-word to make sure that it is properly formatted.

As each of the five teleseminars we recorded over telephone lines - I've had to clean up the audios.

Each of the teleseminars have also been professionally transcribed and edited so that they are easily readable.

Let me show you in detail what you will receive when you order the brand new "The Truth About Success" Program...

The Truth About Success Manual
(208 Pages)

This manual is the core of the program...everything else leads from it.

Each of the 21 'Truths' has its own chapter which looks at one specific element of how to lead a successful life. If you don't remember what they were...here they are again...

#1 - Belief #8 - Labor #15 - Goals
#2 - Attitude #9 - Vision #16 - Momentum
#3 - Decision #10 - Opportunity #17 - Integrity
#4 - Action #11 - Focus #18 - Consistency
#5 - Commitment #12 - Asking #19 - Conditioning
#6 - Values #13 - Learning #20 - Energy
#7 - Motivation #14 - Gratitude #21 - Instinct

This Program Contains BRAND NEW Insights That I Have Never Written About Or Discussed Before.

"Having just completed Gary Vurnum's Truth About Success Program I can highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to move forward in their lives.

I have studied many personal development programs over the last ten years and although Gary himself said there was nothing new in that area I discovered techniques and concepts in his program that I had never encountered before.

The questions relating to each "truth" are invaluable in learning more about yourself and getting to the bottom of why you do what you do. The results and insights you will get from completing these exercises are well worth taking the time to do them.

I have found Gary to be extremely supportive and helpful, and I have been able to make many positive changes to the way I think about myself and my life as a result of this superb program."
- Steve Colwill, www.biggerincome4u.co.uk

This isn't heavy-handed theory...just real-life and 'doable'!

To give you a brief 'taster' of some of the topics that you will find when you open the ring-bound folder and read the manual for yourself...here's some of the things you will learn...

Why you are destined to live a life of failure unless you start with this one thing.
The Bicycle Theory of Continued Success
The 'Magic Word' that is the key to your success.
The key to why you haven't really decided to be a success.
Why those perpetual 'If-Only' tasks get in the way of your success.
What the River of Success is...and why you are always swimming against it.

How the Four Levels of Commitment will keep you focused on whatever you want
The Seven Stages of Motivation, and why most people only ever reach Stage TWO!
The Five Key Areas of Effort
The Solar System of the Mind and how it influences your vision.
The Seven Keys To Building Your Pyramid To Success

The power of the Luck Creation System
Why the moaners always use the Six Complaints That Guarantee Poverty
The Seven Learning Steps To Success
The Key to tuning into the positive power of your subconscious

The Eleven Rules For Goal Achievement - why most of the gurus get goals wrong
The Eight Elements To Create Your Ideal Life
The Ladder To Success

The Compounding Effect of Consistency and how you can use it to your advantage
The Five Level Conditioning Pyramid and why it's holding you back from success

The Three Instinct Influencers

So you can see...there is a lot of stuff packed into those 208 pages!

The Truth About Success Workbook
(87 Pages)

This workbook is the key to making the most of what you will learn in The Truth About Success manual.

Each question has been carefully worded to ensure a) that you fully understand what you have just read within the manual text, and b) that you then reference this knowledge against YOURSELF - your strengths, weaknesses, talents, challenges, the good...and the bad.

As you answer each of these 115 questions...you'll soon realize that there are many things that you haven't really considered about yourself before.

It's specially formatted so that you can print it out easily and use it as you go through the Program.

Only by taking action and answering these questions will you fully get to understand why things may not have gone the way you may have wanted them to in the past.

Your answers will also provide the foundations from which you can begin to build for the future - on YOUR terms.

The Truth About Success Audio Recordings

As I mentioned earlier - the original Program was delivered over a period of five weeks, and...at the end of each of those weeks, I conducted an hour-long teleseminar over the phone with the participants to discuss each Truth in turn.

We didn't just go through the material in the manual...I included additional comments on each Truth, and the participants shared their own experiences and results from the Program.

Now available as in mp3 format which you can listen to online or download to listen to at your leisure either on your PC or your mp3 player - these are the Truths that we covered during each week...

Week 1.
Belief, Attitude, Decision, Action

Week 4.
Learning, Gratitude, Goals, Momentum

Week 2.
Commitment, Values, Motivation,
Week 5.
Integrity, Consistency, Conditioning, Energy, Instinct
Week 3.
Vision, Opportunity, Focus, Asking

I must warn you, however.

Please don't expect CD-quality, crystal-clear recordings.
As these teleseminars were conducted over the telephone...the quality is not as good as it could be.

And...as there were eleven of us on the telephone, every now and again there may be some noise in the background - which unfortunately tends to happen when you get more than two people on the phone at one time.

BUT...it's not as if it sounds like I am speaking through a sock! The quality is more comparable to radio than a CD that's all.

I just wanted you to be aware. I hate it myself when I invest in something expecting one thing and end up getting another.

That's also one of the reasons why I decided to pay a professional transcriptionist and editor to convert these teleclasses to text...

The Truth About Success Transcripts
(86 Pages)

You may not be able to set aside five hours to listen to audios. Or perhaps you prefer (like I do) to learn from reading rather than listening to audios.

Or maybe your family would raise a few eyebrows if they found you listening to 'that' stuff ( as my wife used to call it - I know - I've been there!)

The five hours of teleseminars are all here...in large-format for you to print out and easily scribble on.

As I mentioned before - the content of these teleseminars will perfectly complement what you will learn from The Truth About Success manual and workbook.

PLUS: Bonus...

"The 11 Rules For Goal Achievement" Teleseminar
(Two hours on mp3 plus full transcript)

One of the chapters of "The Truth About Success" Home Study Program is dedicated to Goals...for which "The 11 Rules For Goal Achievement" is the cornerstone. (You may remember that I mentioned above that it was this element of the Program that started it all when I delivered it as a presentation.)

In this special two-hour teleseminar...I went into greater detail about each Rule, expanding on what was already covered within the Program.

When you invest in "The Truth About Success" Home Study Program - you will be able to immediately download the full two hours worth of mp3 recordings of the teleseminar...as well as the full professionally edited transcript.

A valuable and relevant addition to the main Program...which will whet your appetite for the full Program whilst you wait for it to be delivered!

So - What Do You Think? Sound Good?

I'm certainly very proud of it - that's for sure...and the results so far speak for themselves.

The results that the original participants acheived were nothing less than outstanding, but part of that was because they paid me to 'hold their hands' to make sure that they worked through the entire Program.

In fact, the Program took up so much of my time that if I ever ran it again - instead of the $597 the students paid...I'd probably charge closer to $2,000 per person.

Even then...$2,000 would be a small investment compared to the lifelong results youwill achieve from completing this Program.

But let's be realistic here. I won't be able to give you the personal one-on-one attention that I gave the original participants. So I want to make this Program as affordable as I can.

Originally, I only made the 'home-study' version available at a hugely discounted investment of $397.

But...You And I Have A Problem. A Big One.

We both know that we've got bookcases and probably cupboards full of personal development books, tapes, and courses that are just gathering dust. Read once if they were really interesting...but I bet that there are a few things that you've bought, but never even read, right?

Me, too!

You see...the problem for me is that I know how powerful "The Truth About Success" is, and what amazing results you can achieve if you use it.

The problem for you is that you're human...and, even with the best intentions in the world...I very much doubt that you'll get around to making the most of it.

(Yes, I know...I know that this isn't particularly good marketing...but I'd rather that we shared the truth than me giving you some empty promises, right?)

That's why I don't just want you to buy "The Truth About Success"...and add it to your growing collection of dust-gathering books and courses.

Sure...I'd make some money, and you won't get anything apart from some nice books and CDs to use as ornaments.

But...I don't like to do business that way.

I'm serious!

I recently spoke to a well-known information entrepreneur who told me that whatever method he used, only 3% of the people he taught actually DID something with the knowledge he shared with them.


Now...don't you think that a huge part of this failure rate is down to the fact that you don't answer those questions, do those exercises, or APPLY your new knowledge in your real life?

So...do you think that those ten people who were on the original "The Truth About Success" Program who answered ALL one hundred and fifteen questions about themselves actually made a difference to their lives?

You bet they did!

"I was a little nervous at first when I thought of taking Gary's "The Truth About Success" Program. But now I have to say it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made.

The Program really helped me focus in on my strengths and to see clearly what weaknesses were keeping me from getting where I desired to go in my life. Not only that, but Gary gave me great practical advice on how to actually overcome the obstacles that where in my way.

After going through this Program, I now know I can do anything I set my mind to.

This Program is absolutely, positively tranformational!"
- Pamela Urbanavage (Pennsylvania, USA)

Wouldn't it be great in just a few short weeks time if YOU sent me a testimonial just like that one?

So...I want to make it as easy as possible for you to make the most of your "The Truth About Success" Program. So...not only have I converted it into a convienient Program format, for a limited time it is also available as a digital download at a massively reduced price of just $97 - a massive $500 discount on the actual price paid by the original participants.

"I Truly Believe That YOU Can Have Amazing And Life-Changing Results From Applying This Program - Just Like The Original Students Have."

Imagine what it would feel like, knowing that you invested in something that literally changed your life?


I'm not going to mess around here.

Your future success is serious stuff (as is mine).

"The Truth About Success" is my best ever work. It took me hundreds of hours to write over a period of three months. It then took me another month to prepare for the five-week program that only ten people were able to take part in.

This Program WORKS. The only weak link in how much you benefit from it is YOU.

To be honest...your success is down to what YOU do. I'd rather you keep your money and continue the life you currently lead if YOU are not going to make some effort once you've invested in "The Truth About Success".

Yet...when you APPLY this Program in YOUR life...just $97 could easily be the best investment that you have ever made. Just re-read what the original students said if you need reminding how powerful this Program CAN be.

And...if for whatever reason, you're not 110% satisified with what you learn...then here's my guarantee...

My 100% "No Questions Asked"

"I, Gary Vurnum, guarantee that if, for whatever reason within the next EIGHT WEEKS (56 days), you are not completely satisfied with your copy of "The Truth About Success" Program, just let me know, and I will refund 100% of your money in full.
No questions asked. "

This isn't some empty promise.

I value my reputation online, and pride myself on my honesty. I have a mailing list of 22,867 people just like you who can vouch for that. But...if you want some proof that I am a man of my word I'll let Fred and Keiko tell you in their own words...

"There are few people one comes across in life, who really give more than they promise, the majority just try to take you for all they can and hence we have a much maligned and distrusting society. I know, because I have paid several times over for trusting people I later regretted trusting.

Gary, I believe you can hold your head high, as my experience to date with you has been the best I have had in so far as getting more than promised and value for money, in fact I would go as far as saying you have dealt with me as you would with a friend and that is a rare find in business.

Thank you for your help and sincerity, and for the Program that I look forward to every week.

Best Regards to you and your family. Have a Wonderful Day!"
-Fred Merlo (Victoria, Australia)

"Dear Gary,
I just wanted to let you know that I have subscribed to a lot of e-zines since I first found yours, and many of them do not contain any useful information - they are simply ads.

Yours, however, always contains something I can apply to my life. I feel that you really do care about your subscribers' success and are not just trying to trick people into buying something.

Thanks for being a breath of fresh air in a scum-filled industry."
-Keiko O'Leary (Brazil)

So...what are you waiting for?

In just a few week's time - I'm going to be looking forward to receiving that glowing testimonial from YOU, too!

Every day that you continue to live your same old life is a day wasted.

There Is So Much More That You Can Do With Your Life...Now's Your Chance To Finally Do Something About It!

If you're still not convinced the "The Truth About Success" may be right for you...then scroll back up to the yellow box near the top of this website to remind yourself of what the original students achieved from taking the Program.

If it's worked for me...worked for them...why can't it work in the same dramatic way for YOU?

Remember...this is what you will receive within seconds when you order your copy of "The Truth About Success" Program...

IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD: In pdf format : Manual (208 pages), Workbook (87 pages), Teleseminar Transcripts (86 pages), 5 Hours of Teleseminar mp3 Recordings (download and online streaming)
PLUS : Immediate download "11 Steps To Goal Acheivement" 2-Hour teleseminar and transcripts.

Click here to immediately download the full "Truth About Success" Program for just $97!

To Our Success!

Gary Vurnum

If you have ANY questions whatsoever...please email me at gary@sofsuccess.com.

© Gary Vurnum, 2011.

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P.S. This is where the fancy P.S. should go to remind you of the huge changes YOU can personally make in your life by applying this Program. I'll leave it up to you to decide if the ridiculously small investment of $97 for a Program that others gladly paid $597 for is a worthwhile investment in YOUR future! Just remember - this what the original participants said...

"Absolutely, positively tranformational!"
- Pamela Urbanavage (Pennsylvania, USA)

"I have been able to make many positive changes to the way I think about myself and my life as a result of this superb Program."
- Steve Colwill, www.biggerincome4u.co.uk

"During the Program I learned so much about ME (as opposed to simply learning tools/techniques) and made many changes. I know, for the first time in my life, those changes are lasting."
- Diane Johnston (Aberdeen, UK)